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2023 ES Banquet & Awards Recap

The 3rd Annual BCFES Educational Success (ES) Banquet and Awards was an incredible time, full of food, entertainment, and a grand celebration of educational success!

Thank you for joining us to commemorate another year of noteworthy educational success for our students, staff, champions, and community partners.

In addition to acknowledging our graduating class of 2023, we announced and celebrated the winners of our Educational Success Award categories:

Shining Star Award

O. Riojas (H.S), J. Warren (The University of Texas at San Antonio student)

Game Changer Award

Devon McKinney (Alamo Colleges District College-SAC Student)

All-Star Award

Michelle Calleros (Texas A&M-SA Graduate)

Rising Star Award

P. Bright, Brianna Greenwood (Alamo Colleges District College)

Champion of the Year Award

Evette McKinnen (CLIMB Champion)

MVP Award

LaDonna Sewell (BCFES Housing First) & Chris Lopez (THRU Project)

Lifetime Achievement Award

Honorable Peter Sakai (Bexar County)

Congratulations to all of the deserving winners. Students: You make this work matter! Staff and champions: You make this collaboration possible!

For more photos from our star-studded event, check out our Facebook page.


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