Our Cause

We will empower youth with a history of foster care, using trauma-informed and holistic care, to increase educational attainment and employment preparedness.

We have demonstrated the commitment to our cause by:

  • Establishing campus-based support programs at the three partner institutions and supervised independent living (SIL) programs at the two universities

  • Successfully providing continuous services to 200 students across partners

  • Implementing a college-bound docket and providing educational-focused review hearings to 67 youth 

  • Strategically matching 70% of CBD with CASA educational advocates

Our Action

Guided by our students’ lived experiences, we will advocate for policy change, fight for social justice, and continuously work to identify needs, bridge connections, and promote success in all areas of life. In our action: 

  • BCFES has established relationships, partnerships, or identified Champions at more than 40 community agencies and college and university departments.

  • 52% increase in students served during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

  • The BCFES Network has outreached to over 600 students currently in care, and those enrolled at UTSA, Texas A&M, and Alamo Colleges District and utilize the tuition and fee waiver.

  • We have intentionally designed a pre-college pipeline program that provides a clear pathway using a specialized college-readiness, career-preparedness, and socioemotional curriculum for 8th through 12th graders (CLIMB).

Our Impact

We will provide barrier-free access in education and housing, promote the power of our student’s voice, teach skills that aid in building supportive relationships and community connections and encourage positive expectations for the future. Collectively, we have:

  • Provided program participants over $80,000 in emergency funds, incentives, and other financial assistance to remove any barriers to education.

  • Supported 22 college-bound docket participants to transition to higher education

  • Empowered youth and young adults with a lived experience to find and use their voice; to engage in advocacy and action that improves education and life outcomes and collaborate with other emerging leaders to promote systemic change.

  • Increased public awareness and stakeholder engagement at local, state, and national levels through presentations, conferences, media campaigns, and action plans.

  • Developed the Housing First Project to assist youth and young adults not eligible for extended foster care or SIL, are experiencing homelessness, and pursue their college degree at our institutions